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About Us


ESEA was founded in March, 1986, as a privately owned California corporation with corporate offices located in Los Altos, California. ESEA is not a manufacturing firm.  We have no legal or fiscal obligations to any individual or corporations.  We are uniquely staffed and organized to provide independent engineering services to government and industry.


ESEA contract history includes programs which encompass a broad range of technologies. These contracts have involved a wide diversity of tasks including:

  • Technology assessment
  • Establishment of system concepts
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Design selection
  • Realistic performance assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Technical program monitoring
  • Operational Test and Evaluation
  • Operational Performance Reviews
  • Small Business Innovative Research Programs (SBIR)
  • Software Design, Development, Coding, Test, modification, customization


ESEA operates with a very lean support staff, primarily from its Central Office in Los Altos, California.  At ESEA we encourage independent thinking.  Although we work independently, sometimes at locations throughout the world, we always work as members of a team.  We conduct exhaustive peer review of every element of our work.  We usually have members of our technical staff “on location”  working at customer facilities, as required.


Every member of ESEA’s professional team is linked with up-to-date communications capability to the Central Office in Los Altos, California, and to the other members of their team.  Our IT staff supports our world-wide connectivity “24-7.”  We collaborate using the latest software and hardware and communications methods to provide meaningful communication via video, audio, and text, and to enable comprehensive peer review.