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Engineering Group

A brief summary of several contracts is provided to illustrate the breadth and depth of ESEA system engineering capabilities.

Shipboard electronic warfare equipment – analysis and specification of shipboard EW equipment.

Digital computer – analysis and design support for digital avionics computers for use on tactical and reconnaissance aircraft.

Emitter location system – technical monitoring of the development and test of a high probability of intercept, precision emitter locating system for use on tactical aircraft.

Missile systems – design of operating system and flight envelope software for anti-radiation airborne missiles.

Tornado defensive aids – system engineering for the integration of the Tornado defensive aids subsystems.

Integrated EW suite – analysis of requirements and system engineering for the specification and design of an integrated EW suite for a next generation fighter aircraft.

SIGINT integration – system analysis and evaluation of separate SIGINT systems to determine the feasibility of functional integration and cooperative operation.

Flight simulator enhancement – development of ESM simulation software for use in a tactical aircraft crew trainer.

We are proud of our accomplishments in this challenging arena, and look forward to new opportunities in helping our customers find the best possible solution to their problem – within their budget – by the early identification and minimization of technical and programmatic risks.

Change in the world is the only constant we can depend on.  Changes in world order, changes in economic stability, changes due to social fabric dynamics as well as patently disruptive events such as terrorist attacks drives the national priorities, and therefore, priorities of our customers throughout the world.  We recognize changes in national priorities and the emergence of environmental and social problems such as: oil spill detection, air/land traffic control, drug traffic interdiction, and arms treaty verification as opportunities to apply our skills to supporting you in new challenges using tried and true engineering The solution to these are similar in many respects; they require transposing operational needs into cost effective systems – each is a difficult task requiring creativity, experience, technological expertise, good management techniques, and a log of hard work. The ESEA team is eager to tackle these new challenges, and welcomes the opportunity to employ our system engineering expertise in these new areas of global concern.