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Engineering Consulting

  • Act as advisor to US and foreign government agencies and industries
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Multi-company and multi-nation developments
  • Workshare and co-production arrangements
  • Technology / Capability assessment
  • Technology transfer

Electronic Combat Acquisition Support

  • Preparation, review and revision of Electronic Combat Operational Requirements Documents
  • Assessments of cost, schedule, system design, performance risks, system effectiveness, system protection adequacy, trade-off analyses
  • Specification and evaluation of potential equipment suppliers
  • Independent technical evaluations of proposals, formulation of evaluation criteria and matrices, and participation in source selection
  • Detailed technical and programmatic design reviews including architecture, software, algorithms, testing, scheduling, and costing
  • Software validation, computer modeling

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Random Match Algorithm (RMA) Technology exploitation
  • Custom GIS Software extension of ESRI ArcGIS programs
  • Digital Map Data File Development
  • Automatic Digital Map Data File Conflation
  • Automatic GIS Digital Data Set feature extraction
  • Automatic GIS Digital Data Set change detection

Other Services

  • Technical monitor on the development and integration of major subsystems
  • Reviewed national EC research and development program
  • Defined MIL-STD-1553b databus architecture and protocols
  • Participated in Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis, Tactical Roundtables, and EW acquisition reform
  • Prepared integration test plans and procedures, supported rig integration testing
  • Assisted in the preparation of flight test planning and the review and analysis of the actual flight test performance data
  • Witnessed qualification and acceptance tests on behalf of the customer
  • Developed and presented aircrew training courses on system characteristics and performance
  • Developed software and delivered workstations simulating tactical engagement runs for use by air crews in determining optimum tactics
  • Developed software to conflate and translate geographical databases